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  • We are delighted to welcome you to the new Helix website.You will find information about our objectives, the Global Medical Record, our practices, our team of healthcare providers as well as practical information such as opening hours, contact details and information for making an appointment.
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The team of Helix doctors

Our objectives:

  • General medicine is the most appropriate first contact with healthcare for everyone. We are open to a wide range of complaints and problems. We care for the entire population: babies, children, adolescents, adults, pregnant and elderly. We offer both preventive care (early detection and prevention of diseases) and curative care (taking care of diseases and accidents).
  • We discuss your questions about your health, and work together to find the best approach. Often you can do a lot yourself to improve your health. Sometimes medication is needed. Sometimes further examinations or special treatments are needed.
  • For some problems we will collaborate with other professionals in the FIRST LINE: nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, dentists, dieticians, and others.
  • For other problems, we will cooperate with the SECOND LINE: physician specialists, psychologists, technical investigations. In doing so, we will gladly give patients a referral letter with all the necessary information.
  • If, due to circumstances, you do consult a specialist directly, always ask for a report to be sent to your family doctor. That way your medical file remains complete

Global Medical File

  • Your GP carefully keeps your medical data in your medical file (illnesses, operations, allergies, current medication list,…).
  • At times when your regular GP is not available, the doctor from another HELIX practice can consult your medical file. You can ask your GP to refuse the doctor on duty access to certain elements of your medical file, but in order to provide you with proper care, it is better for the HELIX doctor on duty to have access to all your medical data.
  • If on occasion you consult at a HELIX network practice other than the one where your Global Medical Record is kept, your record can also be accessed and supplemented by the doctor receiving you. These additions to your medical record will be immediately available to your regular GP.
  • All data in a medical record is confidential. Naturally, we guarantee careful and confidential handling of these documents.

Team work within the HELIX practices means:

  • regular consultation
  • discussion of patient files
  • evaluation of diagnosis and treatment
  • follow-up of the latest scientific findings

HELIX practices are recognised as a training centre

General Practitioners in Training

General Practitioners in Professional Training are commonly referred to as Assistants.

An Assistant is a doctor who has completed 6 years of basic studies and who specialises in general medicine for 3 years under the supervision of a training supervisor.
During this period, they also follow a training programme consisting of courses, seminars, a final year thesis and hospital placements.

The assistant is a full member of the team and carries out consultations and home visits independently.
If the assistant deems it necessary, he or she can ask the training supervisor or one of the senior GPs for advice.
There are daily exchanges between the assistant and the supervisor.


We also regularly welcome trainees from various universities to our practices.

Trainees are medical students who, over the course of their 6 years of basic training, spend several periods in hospital or general practice.
The purpose of these different placements varies over the course of the training: from observation placements at the beginning, they evolve towards practical placements at the end of the course.

This means that trainees accompany us from time to time during consultations and home visits. This can only be done with the patient’s agreement. If you wish, you can always ask to see the doctor face to face. Trainees are bound by professional secrecy in the same way as doctors.