Vaccination days: covid and seasonal flu

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Like last year, we are organising two vaccination Saturdays in Anderlecht with the Helix practices

Which vaccines? Covid and/or seasonal flu

Can I get the two different vaccines on the same day? yes, we give one shot in each arm

For whom?
• All HELIX patients over 65 years of age
• HELIX patients with risk factors such as high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, heart disease
• HELIX patients who are pregnant

When? Saturday 21 october and saturday 04 november
Where? rue de Veeweide 100, Anderlecht (building of the commune of Anderlecht)
At what time? By appointment only: by phone via the special number 089 86 06 99 or online via our website

What do I need to bring?
• Identity card
• Flu vaccine (buy it without a prescription at the pharmacy)

Appointment via

  • 089 86 06 99